Who are we?
What or who is the Belgian Prop Crew aka Bcd vzw

The Belgian Prop crew is a group of regular people whose main love is to create and build stuff.
Whether they are costumes, replica weapons, droids, spaceships, movie sets and/or props.
We like it BIG! Our main objective is to build everything life-size (if possible), or as close to scale 1:1 as possible.

The mutual interest for Sci-fi movies and all of its merchandise such as books, toys, video games and so on comes in handy during the proces of designing and creating new sets. Of course we also all like Star Wars, we like it very much even!

We are not professionals by any means, though after all these years we have gained a lot of experience and skills. We don’t make a profit with what we create, we gain nothing from it, except the pleasure of building.
We’re doing this because we love it !
But we always act professional when asked to display our sets at events or conventions.

We do this all in our spare time and we became very good at building props.
Some of us joined at the beginning of the century, others joined a few months ago but we always loved building our props.

We laugh, we work, we have fun and we travel together, we are a variety of different guys and dolls.

So when you meet us at a convention, don’t hesitate to approach us. We’re always glad to assist, take your picture with our props or just have a nice chat. We love to talk about Star Wars !

This is who we are… The Belgian prop crew !!